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Presbyterian Medical Center


We share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors.

Presbyterian Medical Center has realized the value of living life with respect for others for 125 years, on the basis of the belief that honors God.

We remember the history of many lives saved by the merciful hands of Dr. Mattie Ingold, the first director of the hospital, and are actively involved in domestic and overseas missions and medical services by sharing the love that we received during hard times, as the first private mission hospital in the country. Ever since we dispatched a professional medical missionary to Bangladesh for the first time in 1979 and founded an international NGO, People for Medical Cooperation International (PMCI), we have actively been practicing the love of Jesus Christ and established a beautiful tradition of patient-centered holistic treatment through medical mission and voluntary services in the regional community and worldwide.

During its long history, Presbyterian Medical Center has developed into a medical mission hospital that demonstrates harmony of love and advanced medical techniques to its local community by establishing proper medical systems designed to meet the demands of the times and the flow of change.

Furthermore, Presbyterian Medical Center has been widely recognized for its excellence, receiving the highest rating in many areas in the evaluation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA).

Presbyterian Medical Center shares Jesus' love for people's life and health over a century. We are always here for you and will practice the everlasting love of Christ by pioneering new changes with our services and devotions and by being Good Samaritan hands beyond generations.

Shin Chung Shik president