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Presbyterian Medical Center

Medical System

Advanced medical system ahead of our timeAs a hospital with many 'firsts' to our credit, we will march forward to the best.'

Presbyterian Medical Center never hesitates to introduce innovative medical techniques.

Presbyterian Medical Center has led public health medicine in the country with its extraordinary and innovative ideas. Based on the experience it has accumulated over many years, excellent medical professionals of Presbyterian Medical Center are trying their best to improve people's health in Korea and around the world.

We have realized a faster and more accurate advanced digital hospital by establishing a comprehensive next-generation medical information system with combined wire-wireless systems, a digital imaging diagnosis system, and an electronic medical record system. Furthermore, we have led the convergence of advanced equipment with medical techniques to ensure the very best treatment of diseases.

  • The first intervention center inside an operation room in the country (Hybrid operation room)
  • The first introduction of advanced linear accelerator VMAT
  • Bright view XCT that can be inspected more safely and faster than the existing Spect
  • The first introduction of whole-body imaging MRI
  • High-Speed 64 Channel CT for Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Angiography units, an essential equipment for coronary angiography andcoronary intervention.
  • The first introduction of 256-channel ICT in the honam and Chungcheong-do area
  • The first introduction of hyperthermia cancer therapy in Jeollabuk-do
  • The first introduction of Symbia Intevo SPECT-CT in the country
  • The first introduction of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber in Jeollabuk-do
  • The emergency medical center has expanded to become the third largest in the country.