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Presbyterian Medical Center

Missionary Work

Service and devotion from generation to generation. We provide medical services with the everlasting love that we bear in out hearts from the begining.

‘Love,' another name for Presbyterian Medical Center.

We have been providing overseas medical services and carrying out mission work since 1979, for returning the love we have received to every corner of the globe. Furthermore, we have expanded the horizons of our medical missions to every place where neighborly love is needed by establishing a mission network with overseas missionaries.

Ever since the first medical practice of the hospital in a little thatched house, we have been remembered as an example of everlasting love in many people's hearts through our constant and unwavering medical services and devotion. As the eyes of Presbyterian Medical Center are always focused on our neighbors in pain, we started the first public health project in rural communities of the country, internationally recognized as a successful case, with the vaccina tion program for polio for 500,000 children, the establishment of a rehabilita tion center, and the opening of clinics for foreign laborers.

We practice the love of Jesus Christ by delivering medical services with a sense of pride as one of the first medical mission hospitals in Korea and firm in our conviction that, 'Armed with the best medical services, we will head for the lowest places.'

Presbyterian Medical Center's specialized medical clinics are pioneering the healthy future that all hymans dreams of.

  • Emergency Center The emergency medical center was opened in September last year to be the third largest in the country. With 12 resident emergency medical specialists, the highest level in Honam, and the introduction of two hyperbaric oxygen therapy devices for the first time in Jeonbuk, we are able to respond more quickly to the treatment of emergency patients and chronic diseases.
  • Cardiovascular Center In the treatment of heart disease, Jesus Hospital boasts the highest level of medicine. The'emergency coronary interventional procedure' field, which saves the lives of emergency patients by reopening blood vessels within 90 minutes of the visit, is the best in the country.
  • Health Promotion Center We are pursuing quality satisfaction and high-quality life for lifelong health care of local residents through quick and accurate inspection and diagnosis of one-stop service in comfortable facilities.
  • Newborn Intensive Care Center In order to strengthen local public health care, professional medical staff, such as neonatal specialists, are equipped with advanced medical equipment such as intensive care units, mobile incubators, high-frequency ventilators, and newborn cardiopulmonary resuscitation units to increase the healthy birth and survival rate of high-risk mothers and newborns. There is.
  • Gastrointestinal Center The Gastrointestinal Medicine Center has experienced numerous procedures for various gastrointestinal cancer lesions and has a high treatment success rate. Jinwoong Cho's team at the Department of Gastroenterology is treating submucosal tumors growing outside the gastric lumen by performing endoscopic resection through subserotomy for the first time in the world.
  • Artifical Kidney Center It is the first in Honam and has 57 of the latest artificial kidney machines, the largest scale in Honam, providing the best treatment and professional treatment.
  • Pain Medical Center It shows very high patient satisfaction with specialized treatments for all pains such as acute chronic pain management, interventional pain management, cancer pain, and postoperative pain management.
  • Respiratory/Allergy Center The best medical staff are equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment to cure the increasing variety of Mansong respiratory diseases, including the first allergy clinic in the region.
  • Intervention Center It is the first in Korea to have a high-tech 3D bidirectional angiography equipment and a system that enables collaboration with several medical departments in the operating room, providing perfection in terms of surgical stability and antibacterial surgery.
  • JS SHAW Rehabilitation Center The rehabilitation center is equipped with about 200 cutting-edge rehabilitation equipment such as physical therapy room, occupational therapy room, various examination rooms, speech/art therapy room, zero gravity walker, and robot walking trainer. In the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Jesus Hospital, Missionary Dr. John Shaw came to Jesus Hospital in 1974 and established the foundation for rehabilitation medicine and opened the first rehabilitation ward in Korea.
  • Laparoscopy Center The first state-of-the-art laparoscopy center opened in Honam occupies an unrivaled position in the Honam area. We are equipped with cutting-edge surgical equipment that can shorten the recovery period of patients by allowing surgery with minimal incision to all organs and thyroid gland in the abdominal cavity.
  • David J.Seel Memorial Cancer Center In 1955, Dr. Seol Dae-wi, head of the hospital, opened the first radiation tumor treatment and tumor examination room in Korea, and started the cancer registration business. Jesus Hospital is recognized as the best cancer surgery hospital in the Honam region, and is playing a leading role in cancer treatment.
  • Clinical Trial Center In Honam, it was designated by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as a medical device clinical trial agency for the first time, and together with the drug clinical trial center, it is developing as a solid axis of the development of the local medical industry.