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Presbyterian Medical Center


Excellent medical care for preserving people's health and happiness We are proud of providing the best medical care in the country.
Ministry of Welfare Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service Level 1 evaluation
  • 3 major cancers (cancer of the stomach, liver cancer, colorectal cancer)
  • Gastric cancer surgery (2 consecutive times)
  • Treatment for acute stroke (5 consecutive times)
  • Use of acute Otitis media for infants and children (5 consecutive times)
  • Treatment for acute myocardial infarction (6 consecutive times)
  • Evaluation of the aptitude of psychiatry
  • Colorectal cancer surgery (2 consecutive times)
  • Pancreatic cancer surgery
  • Treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Pneumonia treatment / lung cancer surgery / hemodialysis
  • Assessment of care volume (Gastric and pancreatic cancer, hip replacement, percutaneous coronary artery interventions)
  • We provide customized medical services at the thirty-four medical departments as well as well as specialized clinics and centers staffed with the most experienced medical specialists.
  • The medical services provided by Presbyterian Medical Center have been recognized as the best in the country despite the limits as a local hospital. One example of the excellent medical practices of Presbyterian Medical Center is number one ranked in the evaluation of respiratory disease treatment, such as lung cancer and pneumonia, which was the only one in all hospitals in Jeollabuk-do area.
  • Our medical services which make patient's health the top priority have shined in various evaluations conducted by the Ministry of health and Welfare and the health Insurance Review & Assesment Service (HIRA). Im particular, we received the top rating in 2019 in the adequacy evaluation of various cancer surgeries, which confirmed that the hospital has provided excellent cancer treatment.