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Presbyterian Medical Center

PMC Value

Patient 1st, Jesus only! Patient-centered medical practice, the principal value pursued by Presbyterian Medical Center.
Without any support from the government or companies, Presbyterian Medical Center has achieved recognition as the best hospital in the country because of the strong vocation of its staff members to make the hospital a 'patient-centered, patient-first' institution.

In addition to the competent medical practices, a comfortable clinical environment is also very important. Presbyterian Medical Center has continuously been investing in establishing the best possible spaces where patients can receive their treatment comfortably. In addition, we have established a rapid joint treatment network with more than 500 hospitals in the country to enable patients to receive treatment more conveniently.

Many medical professionals of Presbyterian Medical Center have been recognized internationally their excellence in research and medical outcomes. Aside from such outcomes, they continue to teach advanced medical techniques at both domestic and inernational conferences and to send trainers to other countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and Mongolia, where medicine is lagging more advanced countries behind, which raises the global profile of Korea.